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Fall Maintenance for Your South Carolina Home

from South Carolina Insurance Brokers

Nov 16, 2015

As the leaves begin to change and the weather grows cooler, those of us living in the sunny south should take the time to do some fall maintenance on our homes. Even though it doesn’t get as chilly here as it does in Michigan, fall is a good time to do some cleaning and repairs before winter sets in.

Clean Those Gutters

Here in Greenville, we’ll be seeing more rain than snow, so it’s an especially good idea to clean your home’s gutters. Falling leaves can clog them, causing drainage issues that can lead to structural damage.

Service Your Furnace

Before the winter chill sets in, take some time to service your furnace. Clean or replace filters, and make sure your air ducts are clear and clean.

Seal Your Home

Drafty windows and doors can become costly when cold weather sets in. Take time to seal any places where outside air gets in. If necessary, replace old doors and windows with new, energy-efficient ones.

Pick Up Your Yard

Garden hoses, sprinklers and other lawn equipment need to be picked up and put away before winter arrives. Make sure you drain hoses and cover outdoor spigots in case of a freeze. Fall is also the perfect time to mulch flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Check for Unwanted Pests

Walk around your home checking window wells, walls and foundations for evidence of rodents, snakes and other pests. Also survey your attic, garage, and basement or crawlspace for signs of intruders. If you notice a problem, contact an exterminator immediately.

Your home isn’t just an investment. It’s where you live and raise your family. You want to protect it as well as the people who live there with you. Get started on the right foot this fall with basic home maintenance. Then call South Carolina Insurance Brokers to make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date. Let us help you protect the things that matter most.

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